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Come put on rollerskates with us on 11.11.11. All five of Philanthro’s chapters will be celebrating events in their respective cities to raise money for

Only $7 for entry including skate rental (100% of net proceeds will go to Seattle projects.)


This is our first ALL AGES event, so invite friends and family!

Skate King
2301 140th Avenue Northeast
Bellevue, WA 98005

Casual (something you can move in ;)) We’ll be playing top 40 music all night.

The goal of our all-city event is to raise enough money to fund at least three projects in each of the Philanthro cities. Since 2007, Philanthro has donated over $268,000 to its partner charities.

Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on Donors can browse project requests and contribute any amount to the one that inspires them. Once a project reaches its funding goal, delivers the materials to the school. To date, the organization has funded 219,405 school projects and raised almost $90 million.

Founded in 2000, more than 190,000 public and charter school teachers have used to secure funding for $88 million in books, art supplies, technology and other resources that their students need to learn. Through, individuals from all walks of life have helped 5.2 million students.

Philanthro is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage young professionals in philanthropy, by serving as a platform for young professionals to connect with charitable causes through social, volunteer and leadership activities. Since its founding in 2007, Philanthro Productions has launched chapters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and New York which together have raised over $268,000 for partner charities. Philanthro is a 100 percent volunteer-based organization that prides itself on its core values of transparency, efficiency and creativity. Beyond financially supporting charities, builds awareness, incites action and empowers change among current and future generations.



We took a risk by trying all new things this campaign and, luckily, you all were receptive to our crazy ideas. Thank you everyone for your support and making all of this a success.

In total, you helped us raise $3814.53 for Lifelong AIDS Alliance! Breakdowns are below.

Please be extra cool like us on Facebook or sign up on our mailing list if you enjoyed being a part of what we do at Philanthro. (Look out for an announcement for an event in November!)

ART SHOW at Vermillion
177 people turned out for a night filled with performances and an incredible art auction. We raised $1039.53 from that one night alone!

From the after party we raised $600 slanging drinks from our sponsor, Absolut Vodka and then in total our team raised $2175 through the AIDS Walk website!

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The AIDS Walk and After Party were definitely the highlight of my September. Lifelong put on an amazing event with the Seattle AIDS Walk (the beautiful weather helped :))

This was the best walk I’ve participated in and with almost 3,500 people it was hard not to feel like we were a part of something great. Although many were walking in memory of friends and family that passed, the positive energy and optimism was undeniable throughout the walk.

Our team represented with face paint and stickers! My experience at the walk consisted of running around, meeting walkers and handing out stickers to promote the after party. It was a blast (everyone loves stickers apparently.)

The after party we threw at Grim’s was a huge success as well. Absolut donated their limited edition San Francisco Vodka and so a portion of the proceeds from their drinks went towards Lifelong AIDS Alliance. With our group, the drinks went fast and we raised an extra $600 through the after party.

Thanks to everyone who supported us for the walk, whether by donating, coming for a drink or walking with us! I’ll be sharing the final numbers of how much we raised for Lifelong and wrapping up our whole campaign this weekend.

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No doubt, this Art Show was my proudest moment to be a part of Philanthro in Seattle.

In total, we raised $1039.53 for Lifelong AIDS Alliance! Also we had 177 people in attendance, making it our second largest event yet. This was on a Wednesday night no less :)

If you weren’t there, check out the event photos and the photos of the art on Facebook. With art all along Vermillion’s walls, a packed venue from start to finish and performances throughout the night, it was our most fun, lively and meaningful event yet.

Big thanks to everyone who donated art, volunteered to perform and those who took part in the auction. You made a huge difference to Lifelong, Philanthro and to everyone who took part in the event.

I knew we were taking a risk by leaving up the content of our event up to Seattle, but it was completely unfounded.

Special thanks to Cathy McCartin for telling us her story of how Lifelong helped her during a tough time in her life, as well as Vermillion for hosting the event. We could not have asked for a more amazing lineup of artists and venue.

Want to be a part of this? Join us at the AIDS Walk and then at Grim’s for the after party.


Eli Wolff
Jessica Johnson
Jan Tervonen
Mireille Rommel
Lyle Alejo Lopez
Mike Sarff
Rachel Mayers
Michelle Hutchinson
Didzis Beitlers

Ramiro Orellana
Sean Buchanan
Niyah Marie Gonzales
Mary Anne Moorman aka Aunt Mama
Evan Peterson
Jamil Suleman

Mighty-O Donuts (Facebook page)
Mia Cupcakery 
Vitamin Water

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I’m proud to announce our new partnership with Lifelong AIDS Alliance! It’s been a grueling process going through many, many worthy organizations but we are so happy to be dedicating our summer to help a local non-profit.

I’ll let Lifelong speak for itself:

Lifelong AIDS Alliance is committed to preventing the spread of HIV, and to providing practical support services and advocating for those whose lives are affected by HIV and AIDS.

So what is Philanthro doing to help? Part one is our first art show! If you know any talented artists/musicians/poets or other creative types, send them to our call for art in the post below.

We have two other big things to announce but right now our focus is on the art show and getting people educated about Lifelong.

Want to dive in deep or volunteer with Lifelong? We are having an education session with Lifelong this month on the 25th. Email me for more info or look out for updates here or on Facebook.

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Helping Foster Youth Succeed Philanthro & YMCA: And we are done! $6,506 for the Y


Over 3 months, our partnership with the YMCA of Greater Seattle has finally come to a close and could not have been a bigger success. Stats from our campaign:

  • Volunteer Day - 20 Volunteers
  • Why Care? Social Mixer - 80+ Attendees and $567.05 in donations
  • Illuminate Fundraiser - 300+…
Source: philanthroymca

As an internal goal at P*Seattle, each member is tasked with donating at least 6 pints of blood this year, either their own or people they bring along.  This isn’t a one day event, but instead an ongoing initiative for us to give back to our community in a long term fashion, while bringing greater awareness to something that often flies under the radar but is an easy thing for people add to their daily lives.

Why donate blood?  Because there is a serious need:

Nearly 900 people must donate blood through Puget Sound Blood Center every day to meet the needs of local patients.

- Puget Sound Blood Center

Almost everyone will eventually need a blood transfusion at sometime in their lives, so this is a chance for us to save a life today and contribute to a cause that could help us, our friends and families in the future too.

If you want to donate blood, go here to find a facility near you and make an appointment to give blood.  You might not be eligible for donation so, check out the requirements here too.

Keep updated with our blood drive here and on Facebook where we’ll be posting photos as the year goes on.


"One hears that the young are self-absorbed and lazy. Knowing volunteers like you, I can vouch that it just isn’t true."

- Kate Van Dyke of Ronald McDonald House Charities